Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Every day music

Every morning I wake up with music in my head. Every single time I wake up in fact, no matter what time, regardless of how long I was asleep, there is a song in my head. Some days it is a secular song. That doesn't bother me unless it's something stupid like "California Gurls" (even though I am one) or "Black and Yellow" (even though those are my high school colors, Go Jags!). I don't know if these songs have any cohesion, or if they actually have to do with the day I have ahead of me, but not believing in coincidence, I want to keep track so that I can see if there's anything to keep track of :)

This morning it was a song that came directly out of my dream and made no sense...great. I finally decide to blog about the ongoing phenom of music in my head and I get a jingle my mind made up to promote a huge, end of summer concert at an abandoned hanger that I was organizing with a former co-worker, in my dream. Terrific.

All is not lost though. During devos this morning with my wonderful kids the real music began :)
We talked about worship and how in Psalm 150 there is a grocery list of instruments to praise God with. The whole point, I believe, is to free the reader to worship God with anything that connects his or her heart to their Creator. Worship is loving, praising and honoring God for who He is to the individual. It's not about what is proper, what is ritual or even what is reverent. It's about what is real.

The Scripture doesn't say, let everything that is grateful, happy or well adjusted praise the Lord. It does say, if it breathes, let it praise Him. We were created for worship because worship comes from a heart filled with love and gratitude. These things are a byproduct of a genuine relationship with a loving Father/Creator/Savior. To be close to Him, to be in His presence, it is impossible not to feel the draw, the connection.

About a year ago I read an interesting article about DNA and music. It suggested that if you turn the DNA strand on it's side, and relegate it to the laws of theory (5 lines, 4 spaces etc...) each individual human beings DNA is a masterpiece waiting to be played by a symphony of instruments. This amazes me. I cannot find the article but I shared different one that seemed to explain the concept if you're interested. 

There's a saying that a best friend is someone who, when you forget your song, can sing it for you. It seems that God has done much more than that. He not only knows your song, He wrote it; something beautiful and unique and amazing.  The Bible says He rejoices over us with singing. Perhaps, He is singing our individual songs. Perhaps, when we are lost, we can seek His voice, and hear the love that went into the unique composition that is us.

Here is today's song; Casting Crowns "Lifesong" enjoy. Be encouraged. Be well.

this is the DNA/Music site

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